Rental of spaces

Our experience, guarantee of success

Proasur has broad experience in cultural and event management. Our professionalism is backed by over 25 years’ experience in the setting up of museums, stands and interpretation centers, in addition to staff management and the management of leisure centers and all kinds of activities.

Incomparable refurbished spaces

Our museums, which have been completely refurbished and fitted out, have several spaces available for holding events. You will not find a better location on the whole island of Fuerteventura.

The most attractive features of the Majorera tradition are joined with modernness in a perfect symbiosis that confers elegance and exclusivity to any type of event.

Majorero Cheese Museum

Located on the outskirts of the town of Antigua, this peculiar space includes a magnificent Cactus Garden, a windmill in perfect condition and a cozy patio with the typical Fuerteventura design, as well as many other charming spots.

We have large open spaces for the erection of temporary constructions, as well as a great Canary-Island-style hall for parties, receptions and congresses.

Our spaces are incomparable, thanks to the perfect combination of the island’s tradition and modern elegance, which confers additional exclusiveness to any event.

Other spaces

Proasur SL also manages two other centers on the island: the Salinas del Carmen Museum and the “Los Molinos” Interpretation Center.

If you are looking for a coastal setting, where the heritage and tradition of Fuerteventura can be appreciated, there is no better place than the Salinas del Carmen Museum. Located by the sea, near the salt marshes, its interior space is framed by incredible scenery.

But if you need a more private space, for more exclusive celebrations, at the “Los Molinos”  Interpretation Center you will find the beauty of the traditional Majoreran architecture, and you will be able to hold any events enjoying the shade of its patio, next to the windmill, which still works with its original machinery.

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