Majorero Cheese Museum

Fuerteventura is not just beaches with golden sand and turquoise water. It is culture, tradition and Majoreran essence.

Step into the Majorero Cheese Museum and discover the island in a unique way, through its rich cheese-making tradition, which has been key to the development of the island from the beginning.

Our museum has several spaces, organized around a central patio, devoted to the various subject matters:

1st Area. Fuerteventura: volcanic origin of the island, relief, flora and fauna

2nd Area. Majorera goats (shepherds, herds and milk) and Majorero cheese

3rd Area. History, culture and gastronomy of Majorero cheese

4th Area. Tasting Room and Shop

Design your own itinerary…

You can design your own itinerary, set your own pace and adapt it to your interests or to the time you can spend. Learn about the fascinating volcanic origin of the island and the special characteristics of its biodiversity, and how all of that is key to the flavor of Majorero cheese.

Discover the most important secret of our cheese, Majorera goats, and how their milk provides the perfect texture. Discover how our cheese used to be the basis of the first islanders’ diet and how, nowadays, it is served in the best restaurants. And, above all, do not forget to taste Majorero cheese.

Majorero cheese

The production of Majorero cheese is linked to the history of the island and of its inhabitants. That is why you cannot really learn about the cheese without getting to know the island, or enjoy the island without, first, enjoying its cheese. This internationally acclaimed cheese has received prizes worldwide, the last one was awarded to the Maxorata brand at the World Championship Cheese Contest this year.

Majorera goats

Fuerteventura's strategic location provides it with a microclimate that has contributed to its biodiversity, which in turn is an important factor regarding the singularity of Majorero cheese. But, in what way? Majorera goats, indigenous to Fuerteventura, take advantage of the existing resources, so that the plants that are endemic to the island constitute their diet. Therefore, they become a very important factor regarding the singularity of Majorero cheese, providing it with a unique smell and flavor.