The Majorero Cheese Museum-managed by Proasur- has been the place chosen by Sabine Kiesewein to present her book “Goat Goat. The Conquest of Fuerteventura on all fours ”. The event will take place next Sunday, February 2 at 12:00 , and will be extended until 5 pm. Admission will be free until capacity is reached.


Next Sunday, February 2, at 12.00 the Majorero Cheese Museum will host the presentation of the book “Goat Goat. The conquest of Fuerteventura on all fours, written by the German Sabine Kiesewein.


The act of presentation of the book will be accompanied by a sample of paintings made by Sabine Kiesewein, which address the theme of the goat and the majorero landscape, complementing with the plastic language the content of this original written work. The presentation aims to be a relaxed meeting between friends, lovers of the culture majorera, curious and of course it is open to all those visitors of the Museum who want to get closer to know more about this fascinating animal. There will also be tasting of the wonderful Majorero Cheese for all attendees!


The book “Goat Goat” offers a small vision of a unique world that can be better understood with a little knowledge. Until about fifty years ago, nobody imagined that the desert island of Fuerteventura would become a tourist destination craved by millions of Central Europeans in search of tranquility. Many of the islanders wanted to leave and flee hunger and drought. But then everything changed.


In the exciting history of the island, the goat has always played an important role as a pet. Without her no one had survived. And in recent times it has stood out providing the raw material for the production of Majorero Cheese. All this has led the author to give the majorera goat a leading role in her book.


After several months of research in libraries, interviews, photographic excursions and personal conversations, Sabine Keisewein acknowledges only to begin to understand the history of the majorera goat and its owners.

But the discovery has been so fascinating that it was enough to feel the need to express it in writing in this interesting work.


The Majorero Cheese Museum, is committed to the cultural revitalization of the museum space by hosting various cultural activities throughout the year. It also supports all those projects that seek to deepen the knowledge of the culture and tradition of the island of Fuerteventura, especially those projects that address the theme of goat and Majorero Cheese, as is the case with thisbook, which provides an original and updated vision, supported by numerous oral testimonies.


The author’s desire is for readers to meet those people for whom the goat has been instrumental in surviving, assuming family support for them. Also to highlight the problem generated as a result of not having solved the coexistence of mass tourism and the space necessary for traditional activities.


Sabine Kiesewein, confesses a crush on Fuerteventura. She is co-owner of a company that creates projects for a sustainable Fuerteventura. Always swimming on the waves of crisis and success, but always keeping the head afloat.

Disillusioned by cultural policy but excited by the advantages that the island offers, fascinated by the impressive landscape and its simple and humble people, always fighting for a society that does not seem to take them into account.


She says of herself that she would not dare to affirm that she knows everything about the majoreras goats and their owners, but she does wait through what she has been able to express with words and capture with images in her work “Goat, Goat”, can give a vivid vision of the world of the majoreros.


The book is published through self-publishing, renouncing sponsors and editorial standards, addressing the theme of the majorera goat, with total creative freedom. It is published in two languages, German and Spanish.


The book is dedicated to those people who appreciate the island, value its traditions and defend the conservation and improvement of its unique nature. Majoreros, new residents and the thousands of people who visit the island every year.




We are waiting for you all on Sunday, February 2 to enjoy a morning to share, learn, exchange and enjoy in such a wonderful environment as the Majorero Cheese Museum!

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