Guided tour and cheese tasting at the Museo del Queso Majorero

In the Majorero Cheese Museum you can enjoy the activity that everyone was looking forward to: tasting the different types of Majorero cheese in the museum! Our guide will take you through the museum to understand why this cheese is so special, taking us through the different spaces of the museum to finally end with a tasting in which we can check the different characteristics of the Majorero Cheese in all its variants: raw goat milk cheese and pasteurized goat milk cheese, soft, semi-cured and cured.

During the tasting, the guide will guide you in the tasting of this exceptional product attending to the 5 senses. The Majorero Cheese, due to the conditions in which the goats and baifos of the island live, has some unique characteristics that make it so special. In this tasting we will learn to distinguish them and taste them! You will become an expert in tasting Majorero cheese.

This activity will take place every Wednesday and Thursday at 11:30 in the Majorero Cheese Museum. You can book your ticket by calling us or writing an email, or purchase it at the reception desk the same day. If you can not visit us on Wednesdays or Thursdays, you can buy a ticket + tapa de queso at the reception desk whenever you want *.

Nobody leaves the Majorero Cheese Museum without tasting this delicacy!


Entrance + tour guide + tasting: Wednesdays and Thursdays at 11.30 AM:

  • Adult: 9€
  • Children (under 12): 7,50€
  • Adult Resident: 7€
  • Children Resident: 6€
  • Visitor with Combi Ticket: 5€


Entrada + tapa de queso*:

  • Adult 7€
  • Children (under 12): 5,50€
  • Adult Resident: 5€
  • Children Resident: 4€
  • Visitor with Combi Ticket: 3€

*Majorero Café opens from Monday to Saturday from 11:30 to 17:30h

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